Book your rental

Reserving your wheelchair or scooter for convention is easy! Just book the equipment you need through our local vendor by completing the form below. Make sure you’ve booked your hotel room in advance as you will need to include it on the form to reserve your equipment.

Please note that credit cards are not accepted as payment.

Wheelchair and scooter delivery

For your convenience, the equipment that you’ve booked will be delivered directly to your hotel so you can pick it up when you check into your room. Please note that wheelchairs and scooters will not be delivered to the convention center.

Getting around

Wheelchair-accessible buses are available upon request at all convention locations including official convention hotels.

Hotel information

Find everything you need to know about Lion convention hotels, how to reserve your room, and how booking with us can save you time and money.


Shuttles or trams to and from convention events are free and available to Lions and Leos staying at official Lions’ hotels that aren’t within walking distance.