A land of enchantment

Travel through time by visiting Aztec temples and colonial-era palaces. Let traditional music spirit you away, and indulge in the rich flavors of local street food and diverse culinary delights. Discover lively and colorful murals or dance the night away as the sun sets against a flawless mountain backdrop. It’s all waiting for you in beautiful Mexico City.

Celebrate history and heritage

Dazzling architecture, European-style boulevards and sweeping views dominate the local landscape, while exhibits at the Museo Nacional de Antropologia and Castillo de Chapultepec tell the story of Mexico City’s celebrated past through to its contemporary magnificence.

Dance the night away

From the costumed mariachi bands who gather nightly with their guitars to the more intimate jazz clubs at el Centro Histórico, lively music is a constant echo throughout the city, and your standing invitation to get up and dance.

Embrace art and culture

Art is like air in Mexico City. It’s everywhere. And essential. You’ll find it within the cobalt-walls of the Frida Kahlo Museum and on down to the bright and bustling public markets, where the handcrafted goods Mexico is famous for are on sale and on display.

Savor the flavors

Mexico City is a food lover’s paradise and epic culinary destination. Delicious street food is served at market stalls, with fancier dining rooms offering up tasty classics and more avant-garde local flavors. Sauces, sweet desserts and slow-cooked meats are specialties.

Must-see attractions

Museo de Sito Teotihuacan

Just south of the towering Pyramide del Sol is the grand Museo de Sito Teotihuacan, where ancient culture and the glorious history of old Mexico come to life. Explore displays featuring priceless pottery, obsidian crafts and other precious relics from this “city of the gods.”

Ballet Folklórico de México

Mexico’s past meets the modern era, celebrating the nation’s rich history of fable and folklore through dance, costume and contemporary spectacle. Since 1952, the Ballet Folklórico de México has been fascinating audiences worldwide.

Mercado De Artesanias La Ciudadela

Stall after stall, this incredible, traditional-style market located in el Centro Histórico is a wonderland of artisanal heritage. Shop colorful, handcrafted Mexican goods from hundreds of different vendors to find your perfect souvenir.

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