Published On: April 26, 2024

Lions International Convention is right around the corner. You’re registered for the event. You’ve made the travel plans and even booked the perfect hotel. Now here’s some other useful information to help make your stay Down Under a memorable one.

Stuff to know

You’ve just touched down in Melbourne. This quick list ought to make getting around town a whole lot easier.

  • Time zone – Melbourne is in Australia’s easternmost time zone, Australian Eastern Standard Time or AEST.
  • Currency – Local currency is the Australian dollar (AUD) and all applicable taxes are already included in any amount you’ll see on a menu or price tag.
  • Tipping – Tipping is not customary at restaurants, cafes or bars – but don’t be surprised to find a surcharge added to your bill on weekends or when using a credit card.
  • Cashless venue – Keep in mind, the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre is a cashless venue, so be sure to bring along credit and/or debit cards for making purchases at convention.

Aussie lingo

Have fun trying out some of these words and phrases when in Melbourne:

brekkie – breakfast

“This morning’s brekky consisted of two eggs, toast and smashed avo (Australian for avocado).”

sanger – sandwich

“I had a sausage sanger for lunch earlier, so I’m not hungry at the moment.”

woop woop – the middle of nowhere

“Things are always quiet at Fred’s place. He lives out woop woop.”

larrikin – a fun-loving joker or harmless prankster

“Bob is quite the larrikin, always cracking us up with his silly antics.”

fair dinkum – an expression of approval, to acknowledge the excellence of something or someone

“They said international conventions are fantastic and fair dinkum, and they really are.”

See you at LionsCon

Melbourne is a once-in-a-lifetime destination. And Australia is a country like no other. Here’s hoping you’re a little better prepared for what to expect there, and ready to take full advantage of everything a Lions convention in a world-class location like Melbourne has to offer.

Beginning Friday morning at 8am, you can visit the registration desk inside the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre with your photo ID to check in and pick up your convention badge. Can’t wait to see you there, mate. Cheers!

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